Why freesia?

Why should you work with us?

1. First-time EU proposal:

  • If you want to focus on your research area, we take care of the entire proposal preparation process and project management.

2. Lack of coordinator:

  • If you cannot find a coordinator for an EU project proposal, freesia innovation will take on this role.

3. Search for partners:

  • you need additional partners? freesia innovation can take on this role or provide partners from its broad network.

4. Training in application and project management:

  • Would you like to train your employees in application and project management? With training and coaching from freesia innovation, your employees will learn the best practices.

5. International commercialisation of ideas:

  • Would you like to present your idea internationally and market your expertise? We can support you in this.

6. Identification of funding opportunities:

  • Do you need help identifying suitable funding opportunities? We are at your side.

7. Innovation specialist as a partner:

  • If your expertise lies in academic knowledge generation and you need a partner specialising in innovation, freesia innovation will take care of all innovation-related activities.

8. Increasing opportunities through a private partner:

  • A private partner, especially an SME, increases your chances of receiving funding. freesia innovation is your reliable partner for business-related activities, innovation management and cooperation with the private sector.