Our areas of activity

So that tomorrow we do not
wake up in a dystopia

1. Policy priorities of the EU as background for your project idea:

  • Review of the European Commission’s priorities 2024-2029.
  • Review of research (Horizon Europe) and education (Erasmus+) programmes.
  • Funding opportunities and their policy background.
  • Identification of social and market impact upon achievement.

2. Research and innovation:

  • freesia Innovation e.U. supports fundraising from Horizon Europe, the world’s largest research and innovation funding programme.
  • Identification of the best call topic for your idea.
  • Guidance in preparing project proposals or participating in other project proposals.
  • Relief from the administrative burden of submitting an application, focussing on the idea and contribution.
  • freesia innovation e.U. as a partner in your project or identification of reliable partners in related projects.