What can we do for you?

freesia innovation e.U. offers comprehensive services in the field of EU projects and research:

1. Project preparation:
  • Taking on the administrative workload for competitive funding proposals.
  • Setting up consortia for EU projects.
  • Support with project communication in English.
  • Identification of funding opportunities and support throughout the preparation process.
2. Project management:
  • Monitoring and steering of project activities.
  • Communication in English, periodic reporting and crisis management.
  • Support with reporting and risk mitigation.
3. EU project coordination or partnership:
  • Assume coordination or key partner role.
  • Ethical monitoring, data management, dissemination, communication and innovation management.
  • Policy analysis and integration of project results into policy development processes.
4. EU liaison and marketing:
  • Publicising ideas, activities and results to European institutions and stakeholders.
  • Participation in events, consultation meetings and visits to European Commission project officers.
5. EU training and coaching, strategic advice:
  • Capacity building for staff, grant writing and project management.
  • Advice on developing research strategies.
  • Coaching in writing your proposal
6. Reviews and second opinions:
  • Pre-evaluation or review under EU peer review conditions.
  • Expert opinions for double-checking proposals, applications or project results.
  • Test the services of freesia innovation e.U. with a flexible 10-day consultation package.